The 2018 Horsforth Walk of Art

I was lucky enough to be involved in the 2018 Walk of Art in Horsforth, where I worked in five schools doing various art projects. These projects were varied and each school had the opportunity to make work to be displayed on the Walk of Art Weekend in July. We made Viking longboats from wire and tissue sails at Featherbank Primary. This was linked to the curriculum topic they were studying. We also made over a hundred wire dragonflies with the year 7’s and 8’s at Horsforth High School. We did a three day light and photography project at Newlaiths Primary. We studied light and photographic material and we made solar prints. We used light to learn about the opacity of different materials and we used narrative to demonstrate our understanding. We made Camera Obscura in a small room at the school. The children could see a projection of the view of the world outside, upside down on all the walls in the small room. They saw their peers moving and playing on the walls of the room during their PE class. We saw the clouds moving across the sun on the carpet. It was quite abstract for the kids to experience, but lots of fun. We made micro worlds and paper mache people at Broadgate and we made 30 wire birds to sit in the trees at Westbrook Primary. It was a pleasure to do so much with so many people in the community. 


Cat Barrett