Greek Pots at Asquith Primary

I love Greek Mythology and I love clay and I get the chance to work with both, every year at Asquith Primary in Morley. This is a year 5 project that is linked to their curriculum studies. I had previously read Steven Frys Mythos (twice) in the months leading up to it so I was ready with amazing stories from the Greek World. The first session was basically me telling stories and the kids painting their favourite myth. The second session was making basic slab pots. Its super interesting to see how they all have the same clay and all the pots are different. The last session is where they paint the pots based on the greek black on red, red on black style. This year we did something a little different, we explored the story of Prometheus and his clay people and we made our own clay people. It worked really well and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.  One funny story worth sharing was when I told the story of Zeus’s revenge on Prometheus and Pandoras Box. The children seemed familiar with this story and I asked the class what was the name of the woman Zeus created? One girl put her hand up and with all the confidence of someone who knew said ‘It’s Gina’. I then kept laughing and we changed the name of the story to Gina’s Box and used common English names like Dave in the place of greek ones. Needless to say that girl was called Gina the rest of the project.


Penny Rowe