Sculpture Club 2016

I was approached by my friend Beverly Drury, she is a sculptor who makes wire birds. She is very busy exhibiting and selling her work, but in 2016 she was approached by a school partnership in Morley, who wished to do a sculpture project for a small group of children from four different schools. One of Beverly's birds had been donated and the teachers thought it was a good idea to have the sculpture club make wire birds.

Here is a link to Beverly's website

I have done art clubs at my local school for two years and was experienced, so Beverly asked me to help out. I worked with the schools in the planning and delivery of six after school sessions where the children came together and learnt about the basics of art and made wire sculptures.

We then went for a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the children to experience sculpture in a way they hadn’t done before. It was a wonderful experience and it proved to reach some children in a very positive way. Their confidence notably grew as a result of art education, for and hour and half, every Tuesday, the classroom became a studio and each child became connected with the elements of art making. This was also ratified when the children saw wire bird sculptures being sold by local artists in the gallery shop. This was the first time I saw art make a real difference in the lives of those who took part. The children, the teachers and myself all grew in understanding, we were all connected in learning about the elements of art and exploring visual language in a unified way. 


Penny Rowe