Arts councils plans for supporting the creative sector

So I don't love the fact I cant support schools for free through the arts council. Basically I cant get funding to work with schools during school time as this conflicts with the department of education and schools already get funding for mandatory subjects. Art is statutory and it has to be taught, but if artists could help schools for free but get funded through other organisations, this would really help with the promotion of art education. Artist can only get funding from the arts council if they organise activities to expand on the existing art syllabus, but what if the art curriculum isn't being taught effectively in the first place, what if teachers are not taught the difference between art education an creative pedagogy? They are very different, children making Tudor homes and children learning a basic visual language are very different lessons. Art education is an autonomous curriculum subject area and should be valued as such.

'We need to ask ourselves if we are doing all we can to encourage and reward creativity for young people across the country. What is good enough for Eton, where creativity features strongly, should also be good enough for Grimsby or Bradford. We must encourage young people to develop their creative talent alongside the so called academic subjects.' Nicholas Sorota.

Penny Rowe