“Every child is an artist” - Picasso.


Our Ethos

We believe Picasso was right when he said 'Every child is an artist', at Saint Roberts we think it's important that every child has the opportunity to enjoy the process of creation. 

We help children develop artistic ‘utensils’ of the mind that act as aids to imagination. The children experience art and design in a natural way, where they are gently encouraged to be confident as they explore their own creativity. This exploration is done through activities where the children learn the basics of art and design. They learn about line, form and contrast, they learn about observation and how to translate what they see into images and sculptures. They learn about abstraction - a foundation skill for creative thought processes, they learn about objectivity and subjectivity and how we can appreciate both aspects within our visual world. 

The concept of collaboration is introduced and the children are encouraged to work with others to generate and refine their ideas. Experimentation is promoted as an important process to understand - children are free to do this. We engender healthy psychological habits such as keeping an open mind and learning from mistakes. 

Every school should have an up to date Arts Policy, we want to support schools in upholding their arts policy.

What we can do

The Rocket can be used for class projects or smaller group work. It could be used for whole school projects over a longer period of time. Working alongside the school arts co-ordinators, St Roberts can organise and implement art projects and learning. Through this collaboration, we aim to expand on the existing art lessons in schools. Each project will always have the elements and principles of art as its foundation. We also celebrate art history and visual culture and we try to include artists from around the world to help us understand artistic concepts.  

Support we offer

The St Roberts studio can also be used for CPD purposes as staff may want to learn about the basics of art and also learn new skills that can be used in the classroom. Teacher art clubs are a relaxed way to introduce art to those who are responsible for teaching art. Teachers or Teaching Assistants who may not have any experience in art may benefit from learning about the basics of art processes. It’s our mission to support schools in their mandatory obligation to teach art.