The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away - Picasso

Who is St Robert?

Robert is my father. He worked hard all his life but when he isn’t working, he is making things for his garden and house, he just can’t sit still. He is always making interesting things out of the materials he had accumulated when he worked as a plumber. My father is not alone in this drive to make new things, there are many people who go through life, having a desire to draw, paint, sculpt, write and perform or make music. Let’s not forget to mention the self-taught coders, fashion designers and furniture makers, who explore their own creative production in private. 

Artistic expression in whatever form, is a part of human experience and there is no reason why all people shouldn't engage in this. St Roberts has a mission to assist the community in recognising and re-connecting people with art. Galleries and art institutions are wonderful places for public members to see paintings, instillation’s and sculptures of how artists through the ages have tried to represent human existence in visual form. Our exposure to art shouldn’t stop at the gallery doors, all people can learn the basic tools of art making and have the chance to develop their own visual language.

Children should learn to visually understand the world they live in. They need equipping with visual skills to help them navigate this digital world and schools are the best places for children to learn this. The community can also engage with this understanding through community events and well-planned activities. Through this exposure to the basics of art, we develop a greater appreciation for artistic representation.


My name is Penny Rowe and I am an artist. I am also the Director of St Roberts (Community Interest Company). I have worked for five years sharing art in schools and through community events. I have also spent the last 20 years rearing my six children, as well as continuing my academic studies. Being a carer for such a long time has enabled me to develop patience and compassion for the vulnerable in society. Sharing artistic understanding and introducing community members to their potential of making artwork stems heavily from my caring responsibilities.

I am a working artist and I work primarily in oil paint. My paintings are an embodiment of my learning as I explore the world around me. I am particularly drawn to abstraction and I am interested in how the accretion of visual elements grow and create the framework for my images. My personal landscape and the nature around me are directly linked to my artistic expression. Photography is also a very important medium as it has enabled me to respond to visually interests efficiently as I have also tried to meet the demands of rearing children. My Painting practice however, takes time as I revisit again and again the work I am trying to develop.

I am a proud dyslexic and I am keen to use the Rocket to help people with learning difficulties learn artistic skills.