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The Mobile Art Studio

The Rocket is a 23ft custom built mobile art studio designed to take art into the community.

The studio is a unique space - when you enter the Rocket, the rules of engagement change and you’re liberated to think and act as an Artist.

You will investigate your ideas, experiment with materials and engage in artistic processes that develop your visual understanding. You’ll be introduced to the elements and principles of Art and how they combine to expand your creative capabilities.  

Penny works in such a way that the children develop all kinds of artistic skills but also feel relaxed enough to talk about their feelings and their fears. In all of the projects that she has done with us we have seen an incredible improvement in the confidence and self-belief of the children she has worked with. The children are proud of new skills that they learn and this confidence has transferred to the way in which they approach other areas of the curriculum.
— Gill Austerfield, Headteacher, Asquith Primary

Art in Schools

Art Education in primary schools is statutory and we believe art should be valued as an autonomous subject area.

We support schools by taking the artist’s Studio to them. The Rocket enables art to reach the widest demograph for the biggest impact, with maximum convenience and least disruption for schools. 

The Rocket provides children with the experience of working in an authentic studio environment where they learn new skills and develop their confidence and art making capabilities.

Speaking as someone who isn’t incredibly confident when it comes to teaching art, Penny was an absolute inspiration to myself as well as the children. Her passion for the subject is clearly evident in each of her carefully planned and prepared sessions. Having run this workshop with two very different groups of children, Penny was able to engage and enthuse every member of the class, all of whom took something different away from the sessions. Since working with Penny, my outlook on Art has changed; I would definitely recommend working with Penny.
— Chloe Wetherill - Teacher, Asquith Primary

Art in the Community

We fully support cultural development in the community and this means helping people to move beyond the occasional visit to a gallery.

An element of this commitment is helping people develop their own artistic understanding and expression. The Rocket plays an important part in this process by allowing individuals and groups to participate in an authentic studio experience.

Saint Roberts is keen to work alongside institutions such as galleries to promote Art in the community; the Rocket is available for use to raise public awareness and involvement in the arts through appropriate activities. 

Penny is awesome! She took me on a journey from inept ignorance of what art is, through terror, experimentation, elation and pride! I have learnt what makes art and how to try to make art. I then applied this knowledge back in my class. Most of all, I learnt to empathise with the emotions all primary school artist’s must experience.
— Helen Dillon, Teacher, Westend Primary, Horsforth.

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